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the u.s. benghazi overnight . ambassadorhe u.s and three other americans. john gonzalez is following the latest. >> the president ordered an increase in security at american diplomatic posts around a worl unrest in the middle east deadly.and now turns u.s. embassies in arab world are under attack. benghazi, the u.s. ambassador chris stevens, and three other afterans have been killed mob attacked and set fire u.s. consulate, firing grenades,d outnumbering libyan security forces if. cairo, egypt, anti-american demonstrators scaled the walls flag toed american after pulling it down. >> make no mistake, we will work with the libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people. the protesters in both countries appear to be angry film produceddget the states by an israeli that they claim insults' the profit muhammed. is being promoted by the likes of a pastor terry, who attempted to burn a karan in 2012. he says it is not designed to attack muslims but to show the destructive ideology of islam. happen in a this that we helped to in a city that we destruction?from >> a
and online at wjla.com. anti-u.s. protests in the as people target more than embassies. >> apparently, they are easily identifying american institutions, including fast- food restaurants. >> we just got word from the white house moments ago that president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton will be at joint space andrews this afternoon when the bodies of the four americans killed in libya are returned to american soil. in the meantime, news of even more unrest worldwide as protesters have set fire to cars parked at the embassy in tunisia. >> this afternoon, protesters have continued to take to the streets in several countries including pakistan yemen indonesia, sudan and iraq. the outrage across the middle east sparked by an anti-muslim film made in the u.s. that mocked the profit muhammed. the everywhere, and now several prominent religious leaders are asking moslems worldwide to remain calm, despite their anger over the film. in libya the parliamentary precedents -- president said he regrets that four americans were killed in an attack. the victims have been identified as u
in cumberland. feels a similar all across of theion because humidity. upper 80s in the today. breaks in the clouds. brady's locally, mid 80's town with a better chance of a few downpours along west of the blue ridge and in the potomac highlands. and 74 inahoma city boston. will talk more about the rain chances and flash flooding potential, coming up. a northwest washington is all heard again today. in bloomingdale's and other neighborhood cleaning up basementagging their after sunday night's's storms. many are blaming the district of the drainage system for the backups. a council member has proposed p a relief fund to help those residents. 16 months after the u.s. raid that killed osama authorized -- an unauthorized book is. hitting bookstore is the author never saw the of the pentagon or the cia. brianne carter joins us with what this might mean. this book was originally supposed to be released on september 11. o many details it to the about was moved up to wasy -- their release date moved up. the pentagon decided to take action. in.hat you ordered has come >> the book with so much
.c. this morning. we have warned very quickly time and we're at 60's and 70's across the region. a i will be around 76 degrees today. -- a the high will be around 76 degrees and the trouble forecast shows we are cooler across the northeast but look at that keep the nation's midsection. we will let you know if it will have our way coming up next. it baltimore county teenager home after she was shot in a school cafeteria. the 15-year-old was released hospital after spending two weeks recovering. the person who shot him did not target the victim. the perpetrator will have a hearing thursday. >> police in the wheaton are searching for a man who attacked girl with a taser in broad daylight. happened yesterday afternoon the georgia avenue corridor. the manchester with a taser in to grab her cell phone. >> be careful in broad daylight. everyone should be careful. not seriouslywas hurt. the electronic shock devices are banned in some states. in montgomery county, it is legal for an adult to purchase one. virginia loudoun county sheriff's office say it 3-year- died after falling from window in his home. thi
, we have as over here. at least to get along today? i do not know. s fan, you know e excuse when you play the redskins that the you.ees cheated >> we are going to beat them square. ofwhat about the credibility the leak itself? the referees will get about a 4% raise of a new salar of season. a hire newhe power to if the old ones are underperforming. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. onrrey smith expected back the field tonight. comes after his younger brother was killed in a crash.cle day he decided to play game against the patriots. made six catches. and had two touchdowns. is saturday.was saturday noon -- skeletal remains in stafford county. the woman that has been years. for six they say katherine bryant's of 95 last found off month. was reported missing back in by family members. foul play is suspected. d.c. police have made three arrests in the beating last month. tommy branch, michael moore, and a 17-year-old mail all face charges. say the three also attacked that night, apparently fromg to get cell phones each victim. no other attacks as severe as maslin's. still trying to come to gri
different from the iphone 4s but it is thinner and faster and has a new map system, but many say that map does not work properly. most of the folks don't care especially eric, who had been here since 8:00 tonight and was the first in georgetown to get the new iphone. >> we all love the latest technology. this is the best way to be part of that change. >> this is proving to be the most popular iphone yet. in the 24 hours that it went on sale, apple sold 2 million copies of the iphone in preorders. shortly after it went on sale this morning, you can find them on sale already on ebay going for more than $1,000. kendis gibson reporting from northwest. >> something else causing excitement the nationals big victory yesterday for the first time in 79 years. major-league baseball postseason tickets on sale in the nation's capital. an incredible night in southeast washington. >> national stance, the wait is over. your team is in the playoffs. >> music to the ears. the nationals cleanse the wild- card spot in the playoffs with last night's victory over the dodgers. the players say their goal is to
them ambassador chris stevens. to the ambassador cnn he spoke of being on an list shortly before s death. an excuse -- an exclusive katie's show tod. and a quick thinking cop save life.man's enough, it was on the tv. enough, it was on the tvpresident obama: i'm barack obama and i approve... this message. anncr: he keeps saying it... mitt romney: this president cannot tell us that you're.... better off today than when he took office. anncr: well... here's where we were in 2008... tv anncr: the worst financial collapsese... since the great depression... tv anncr: american workers were laid off in numbers not seen... in over three decades. anncr: and here's where we are today... thirty months of private sector jojob growth. creating 4.6 million new jobs. we're not there yet. but the real question is: whose plan is better for you? the president's plan asks millionaires... to pay a little more... to help invest in a strong middle class. clean energy. and cut the deficit. mitt romney's plan? a new 250,000 dollar tax break for... multi-millionaires. roll back regulations on the banks that
into a his name and condition have not been released. also, a new jobs report shows a jobs market as u.s. s added 96,000 jobs last of the weakest performances this year. unemployment rate dipped mainly people who stopped looking for work. the economy has added 139,000 in 2012, less for 2011.verage >> people of working age now working is that about 55%, the lowest level since 1981. >> the weak report could spur action from the fed when it meets next week. it is a safe bet those figures n by both sides of the campaign trail. the romney campaign taking the t swing. ann romney speaking right now at at the twin oaks riding academy in leesburg. there is a live picture of the mitt.for president obama and vice- biden hitting the acceptingafter nomination last night in charlotte. be in newe stop will hampshire. that is in about 20 minutes. they are not the only ones stumping for votes in new hampshire. romney will be there later today. we will get the latest from t.j. winnick. >> call it the friday face off. president obama and republican romney shadow each other today in new hampshire and iowa. the
going so long tied. s that hempaign say see the people not able to attend because of the change in venue, before the election. on abc 7. tonight the president's speech comes one day ahead of the national fromloyment numbers august. figures today showed unemployment claims fell to about 365,000 over the past , a sign of modest growth. reports businesses added over 200,000 jobs last month. >> ann romney returns to to raiseund virginia cash. academy award winner robert duvall will see her and a homer a fund-raiser at his home. paul ryan is on the campaign trail. have a live look. is at a rally in colorado springs. take the stage in a few minutes. recent polls show leading romney in colorado by 3 points. >> metropolitan police g an officer shooting of a dog. that happened around 7:15 this 1900 block of 17th street southeast. officers were called to the location for an animal complaint. a police spokesperson said the the opposition and the officers fired his gun. the dog will survive. several dogs have been seized from a home in the fairfax county portion of alexandria after they were being b
strong storms. heavy rainfall tomorrow. in the '70s right now, 72 at reagan national, 73 in frederick. here's the travel forecast minneapolis. , 61 today. omaha, 64. 77 in kansas city. that's where the cold front currently resides. that is pushing east. that will make it here tomorrow, along with a palm of moisture from the gulf of mexico. bad and a lot of wind shear in our atmosphere will likely cause serious of severe storms. we will talk about it coming up. >> d.c. police on the lookout for a very young suspect. they say a group of young children to commence a cellphone at a mcdonald's in northeast d.c. very young. jummy olabanji has the story. >> its crazy. >> its crazy. >> what's going on in the world? >> pretty much every customer we talked to outside its northeast mcdonald's had the same sentiment about what police a happened sunday night. >> no care for life. surround 6:30 sunday evening a customer at this mcdonald's on nannie helen burroughs avenue was approached by three young boys. there was some sort of altercation and then the victim pulled out his cellphone to call polic
. >> i had a great time at the game on saturday. it was warm and muggy, mid 80's and there were thunderstorms. there's no rain in the forecast today. there is a look at our newest camera, in laurel. patchy clouds developing. 66 degrees in laurel, 64 degrees in bowie. in winchester, 59. mostly sunny today, very fall- like. the average high is 76. we will be close to 70 for the high temperature this afternoon. in boston it's only 62 degrees today. 96 in dallas. 77 in atlanta with sunny skies. miami has a chance of showers. more on our chance of rain, coming up. >> today on the campaign trail the race for the white house taking a different path. national polls show president obama leading in key battleground states. today mitt romney will try to close in on that by its second straight day in ohio. paul ryan will attend a town hall meeting in ohio as well. president obama is in new york city and will go to the un general assembly. tomorrow the president and the first lady will appear on the view. hispanic voters may decide to stay away from the polls because of changes to voting law
"news at noon." on your side. it >> anti-u.s. demonstration spreading across the middle east the day after the united states ambassador to libya was killed. >> the list of yemen -- en route protesters stormed the gates there. >> >> just as united states officials feared, the unrest in the middle east has spread. in the capital today, hundreds of angry demonstrators burned the american flag and stormed the united states embassy compound. there were able to breach usually tight security around the embassy to get on to the grounds. a senior obama administration official says the protests seem to be motivated by a film. the film is on youtube. it depicts the profit muhammed as a womanizer. >> it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and to promote rage. >> in cairo, protesters again -- outside the united states embassy. they fired tear gas. >> we certainly hope and expect that there will be steps taken to avoid violence. >> in libya, a very different scene. yesterday, people took to the streets not to protest, but to grieve. on tuesday, militants stormed
, reagan national, 81 in winchester. degrees in quantico. temperatures will be in the upper 80's. there rain chances and the text, a 60% chance. y a 40% virginia, onl chance. chances increase later on .oday there could be some downpours as well, a lot of moisture in the air. comfortable in the upper midwest. chicago, 88., there is a heat still. dallas at 102. be changes coming our way. coming up at noon, we are getting our first look into a derailment that killed two college students. report does not give a why the train derailed. it does note that weather did factor andto be a the freight train was the posted speed limit. on theen were sitting e time and they were killed. the ntsb is calling for the put new rules in place to prevent planes from colliding at the taxiways at airports. couldonth, two planes each other at dulles national .irport no one was hurt. neither of the two planes in had anyion casualties. had anyion casualties. hundreds of afghan i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. had anyion mitt romney's position on women's health...it's dangerous. vo:mitt romney
only in the 70's. for the most part, it will last all week. the humidity will be kept at bay and temperatures will rise a little bit. here is a great time lapse of the beautiful sunrise early this morning at 6:45 a.m. and nothing but some for the future -- first few hours of the morning and at 10:00, some patchy clouds and that's what we have outside right now and for the rest of the day and the next few days. almost total sunshine for the next few days. 71 degrees at reagan national airport and 68 degrees in cumberland. the dew point are down -- 45 in cumberland. that is very dry relative to what we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks. the humidity will be kept in check all week long. it is a little breezy as we transition to the comfortable air. you can open the windows and get that fresh air in the house and get it circulating, it is gusting up to about 21 miles per hour. we will see that continue for the next couple of hours until about 4:00. other than those patchy clouds, we don't have much to talk about. nice high pressure is giving us the sunshine and
nations, obama spoke about events in the middle east and film thatat the anti-u.s. protests. >> there are no words that the killing of innocents. his new video that justifies an attack on an embassy. -- there is no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. both parties know that issues are ones many voters will be paying to, but the economy is still number one. romney's ads to ohio this romney heads to is afternoon. likely voters, obama is romney 52% to 44%, and florida, 51% to 47%. the president is also ahead in virginia. party has to win it two three battleground in november. be joined by mitt romney and senator ron paul at a rally in midwestern ohio. vice president joe biden is in virginia today. >> the d.c. board of election s is holding a voter registration drive today. it will be live until 3:00 p.m., where they are encouraging register.get out and the board of elections is also at otherg drive locations throughout the city. today is a critical day in the race for the u.s. senate in missouri. this is the final day a candidate can drop out. todd nagin has been under
for this year for the temperature is with dew points in the '60s. you will feel that. o is a little cooler at 70. 59 in boston. and 89 showers degrees. forecast coming up, more fall-like conditions. ck.ill be ba ,> on the campaign trail republican presidential nominee y tries to slow t obama's momentum in a swing state. hosting a fund-raiser and a campaign rally in pennsylvania. president obama has several in the d.c. area today. a romney campaign memo obtained cnn says the president will nexty be the winner of presidential debate denver although it may not impact the election outcome. the man behind the film that sparked the anti-american t isence in the middle eas back behind bars. federal judge in california ordered nakoula basseley to be held after violated theay he terms of his probation. the judge also said that he's a flight risk. the man was convicted of tax fraud. in fraud still to come -- can do tog i encourage the kids to come to school, i would like to do. >> a washington wizards player inspiring children on and off the court. and, a new photograph sparking speculation. we will tell
waiting an hour with no lights and no air conditioning, s restored and the train went to the station. at about 8:00 this morning, a second red line train also lost power stopping on the tracks. people there became ill on train and taken to the hospital. red line isays the directions now, stillr, there are individuals. at arains are running d because they're these towhat caused the bureau trends to lose power. that investigation continues. we do not know to be running at speed. that has yet to be determined. abc 7 news. >> all rights. keep an eye on that situation. also at noon, george zimmerman back in the news. his dna is casting some doubt about what happened on the night e shot trade on margin. -- trayvon martin. the results, inconclusive. said the 17-year-ago e fight his gun during th back in february. also new this new, a montgomery county judge has rejected the attempt. this is according to a news proved -- to a news partner. he pleaded guilty to other unsolved crimes. the 10-month anniversary of the killing spree the d.c. region leaving 10 people dead. he was executed in 2009.
like we saw yesterday. possibility again tomorrow. highs today should be in the low-to-mid-80's. oklahoma city at 103. dallas, 102. cooler in boston. we will have more in our four guests and talk about my chances coming up. >> university of maryland is cleaning up thanks to a water main break. it gave way route and the memorial chapel just beforthis morning. it forced chris to shut down regent drive and chapel dry. the cause of the break is not yet clear. people living in northwest d.c. will spend the holiday crying out their basement once again. this comes after last night's storms want roads and even shut down this has got to be frustrating for people. >> hard to believe that this has happened again. basements and cars once again flooded. even the metro station feeling the effects of the flash flood. you can see from the emergency sign that this could happen again tonight. >> just no way to live. >> residents of this neighborhood are convinced that this latest flood has more to do with the drainage problems than the actual rent. merge cars once again shared the road rescue raf
are well above average temperatures today, in the 80's with just an isolated showers or thundershower happening late today and a few of those could be strong. i am at cirque de soleil. this is the publicist for the show. if you have not seen the show, there is more time? >> yes we added an extra performance on october 2 at 8:00 p.m. there is plenty of time for people to come down. >> so many people have come out to see the performances. how is this different than on -- and the other suit -- cirque de soleil shows? >> this is about the dilution of man. -- the evolution of man. it is a mix of acrobatics and video projections with music and acting and performing so something for everyone. >> we are back here with some of the customs that are incredible. we will speak with the performers coming up in one minute. i will try my hand myself in the ring. we will also have your seven best forecast coming up. >> can't wait to see that. andy williams has died. he was best known for his song "moon river." his voice led ronald reagan to call him a national treasure. he passed away at his home in m
tornadoes. debbie tornado watch until 7:00 p.m. temperatures in the into the 70s brought the storms. it will still be a little breezy with the passage of the cold front. right around 70 degrees tomorrow. that does not say fall, i do not know what it does. we will be on line, on our digital channel here on abc 7 news with the latest. >> you will be getting a lot of attention and that is for sure. >> storms in the southeast postponed once again. the space shuttle endeavor is trying to get to los angeles bad weather just keeps pushing at takeoff back. there will try again tomorrow. just like discovery they came through our area. it will go on display at the california science center. take a look at this. this is unbelievable. caught on camera at that to the australian outback. crews have been battling brush fires. when high winds kicked up, this was the result -- a fire tornado. it got up to 100 feet tall. these firenados are not totally unheard of. this one lasted for 40 minutes. the celebration coming up to honor 175 local world war two veterans who will be celebrated at a special ce
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20